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Specializing in Strip Clubs, Dispensaries, Hotels, Bars, & Tattoo Shops

We Offer:

Dispensary ATMs
Bitcoin ATMs
Phoenix ATMs
Tucson ATMs
Arizona Event ATMs
Dispensary debit processing
Arizona ATM sales and service

Our Services:

ATM Cash Machine Placements
ATM Sales
Mobile ATMs and Event ATMs
24/7 Armored Cash Vaulting Services
Cashless ATMs & Debit Card Processing
Marijuana Dispensary Cash Management Solutions

  You provide the location for your ATM placement, and we will provide free ATM placement, installation, wireless router (if your credit card machines go down, your customers will still be able to withdraw cash from the ATM), technical support and maintenance — all at no cost to you. Better yet, you will earn a portion of the surcharge revenue with zero monthly fees!

Start earning an independent flow of revenue for your business with Arizona ATMs:

FREE ATM: We provide you a Brand New next-gen ATM machine, and you collect a percentage of the surcharge fees every month with no risks or work on your part.
FREE INSTALLATION: All of our ATMs include free installation so you can have your new machine up and generating profits in no time.
FREE MAINTENANCE: We provide free LIFETIME maintenance for all of our ATMs. With our merchant services software, we constantly monitor all active machines so you can just sit back and watch your revenue grow.
ADVERTISING: We provide the option of marketing and advertising your business on our network of ATMs to attract new consumers to your business.

  We are able to provide ATM service to any location in need of a money machine. Delivery, installation, programming, regular maintenance, and upkeep are all FREE OF CHARGE! We will work with you to select the best spot within your premises to position the terminal(s). We stock a number of models and styles of machines, so we can select the right ATM for your location. Floor models occupy only about four square feet of area, and we have wall-mount units where floor space is at a premium.

Requirements from you are:

Secured location with high visibility
Internet or phone line


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