Have an ATM route for sale or that you are interested in selling? Arizona ATMs will buy your location(s) and/or route(s)!

If you want to sell your ATM route and exit the business, or you just want to get rid of a few locations that are outside of your service area and causing too much extra driving, we can help! We can buy ATM locations and routes large and small, anywhere in the country. We can buy the entire portfolio and manage it, or we can just do the cash loading if you need to re-allocate your capital elsewhere.

Sell to a reliable and honest ATM service company

We are not trying to get rich off of you selling your route; We just want to grow our business. We can guarantee that if you sell your route or location to us, it will also be fair to the merchant or business who is hosting the ATM in their store. We provide 24/7 cash vaulting and service for our ATMs, so there will be minimal downtime for any ATM in our portfolio.

How we value your location or route:

Net cash flow
Hours and costs required to run the route
Capital / amount of cash required to fill the machines
Distance of ATMs from each other
Contract length
Machine type
EMV capability of machines
Type of business the ATMs are in

To determine the selling price of the route, we use a 3-4 multiple of the yearly cash flow/net income, plus asset cost.


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